Iced Tea + Tea Bags

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Refreshing, tropical-botanical flavors and ingredients complementing mindful eaters everywhere. Our clean label and 100% plant-based, keto, and Project Non-GMO verified herbal teas are always ZERO calories, carbs and sugar.
Brewed with sustainably grown and handpicked māmaki, an ancient herbal tea only found in one place in the world: the Hawaiian Islands. Revered for centuries as a health tonic, our māmaki leaves are sustainably grown in the volcanic, mineral-rich soil on Hawaiʻi Island.

All our naturally caffeine-free, herbal teas come in 15-count, Soilon® mesh sachets that are fully biodegradable and made from plant fiber. Our sachets can be brewed twice and take a functional approach, blending organic and sustainably grown Hawaiian māmaki with a powerful mix of herbs and botanicals noted for their health-boosting properties, rooted in a rich culture of herbalism.

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