Dallas Entrepreneurs to Launch Nutrition App, Bitewell, This Summer

“I discovered that the crux of it was really the fact that restaurant menus have a tremendous lack of transparency,” Chris Fanucchi says.

During two years of interviewing nutritionists, dietitians, coaches, and more, he met Samantha Citro Alexander, who was struggling with the same lack of transparency but from a different angle. “I have a lot of dietary restrictions and allergies,” she says. “For me, it’s a combination of what foods are good for me to eat from a health perspective, and to maintain my goals, but also what foods are safe for me to eat.”

The two combined forces, and with help from hired food experts, developed bitewell. Now in its pilot phase, the app asks users to share their health and nutritional goals, allergies, and dietary restrictions. It then provides meal options in their area that best align—from local restaurants as well as recipes for home-cooked meals.