Gaea Extra Virgin

Gaea Extra Virgin

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Gaea Extra Virgin Olive Oil,Organic

Eva get good oil. Org extra virgin alliance. Fresh olive aroma. Getgoodoil.Org extra virgins alliance. Most awarded olive oil brand. To view numerous international awards visit www.Gaeaus.Com. Olive oil of greece. Our organic olives are hand-picked and first cold-pressed within hours of harvesting, producing an exceptional quality organic olive oil with unique organo-leptic characteristics and fresh aroma. Product of organic farming. The leading organic olive oil of greece. This superb organic extra virgin olive oil is the result of a long-standing collaboration between gaea and a carefully selected network of organic producers who cultivate their olive trees with pure sustainable methods and according to the national and international standards of organic farming, handling and production. Usa customer service hotline: 1-844-883-gaea www.Gaeaolive.Com.


Greek Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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