Dallas Bitewell Practitioner Pilot

We're Changing the Future of Food

And we'd love to invite you to pilot our new game-changing meal planning & ordering platform.

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So, what is Bitewell?

Bitewell is the world's first all-in-one nutrition planning & food delivery tool.
Our platform makes eating smarter by connecting health & nutrition data to deliverable food near your clients.

Why did you create Bitewell?

Simply: we had a need.

After trying 1000 different food and nutrition apps, we couldn’t find an easy way to eat well. Most healthy eating platforms focus on cooking - which is great - but the average American only cooks 1 meal a day.

Bitewell takes into account all of the ways we eat. We cook at home, pickup lunch near the office, grab coffee while shopping, and go out to dinner with friends.

What is Bitewell's mission?

Our mission is to make healthy eating simple & accessible for all by providing ingredient & nutrition transparency across every piece of the food chain.

How can Bitewell help me & my clients?

By providing transparent ingredient & nutrition information for all of these eating occasions, Bitewell allows you to build more realistic, comprehensive meal plans for your clients.

And because we facilitate food delivery, we can share tracking information with you and your clients in real time - a platform of accountability & full transparency.

Bitewell For Clients

Watch this short video to preview the Bitewell Client App. This is where your clients will make their daily food decisions - browse recipes, shop groceries, order restaurant food for pickup & delivery.

Cool! How does it work?

When a user downloads the Bitewell app, they fill out a short onboarding survey to share their diets, allergens & nutritional goals.

Then, our machine-learning-based algorithm connects them to recipes & deliverable meals nearby that fit their nutrition profile and build those into a meal plan.

On our Practitioner Portal, you can view/edit your clients' nutrition information, goals, suggested meal plan, and view your clients' food choices in real time.

Bitewell For Practitioners

When your clients download the Bitewell App, a secure link connects their profile to you via our Practitioner Portal.

Our Portal Allows You To:

✔️ Set goals & nutrition preferences for your clients

✔️ Automate the meal planning process; based on your clients' needs and eating preferences

✔️ View your clients' food purchases (restaurant meals & groceries) in real time

✔️ Give your clients confidence by empowering them with ingredient & nutrition transparency on millions of food items!

The Practitioner Pilot Program

Bitewell is a brand new tool (launching in Dallas this fall), and we're offering select practitioners the opportunity to pilot Bitewell with their clients before anyone else. The Practitioner Pilot comes with amazing perks for you and game changing benefits for your clients.

How does the Practitioner Pilot work?

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive & accessible empowered eating tool on the market, and we can't do that without feedback from experts like you.

The Pilot Program gives you and your clients exclusive free access to the Bitewell app’s full features.

The Pilot Program is fairly light touch. We just ask that you:

1. Invite all of your clients onto the app and encourage them to use our platform during the pilot’s duration for all meal planning & meal orderings

2. Respond to 1 feedback survey (<20 minutes) per week so that we can make the experience perfect for your needs!


When does it start?

The pilot programs kicks off Monday, November 29th and runs through December 23rd.

We know how challenging the holiday season can be, and we know that our tool can help alleviate the stress associated with the season!

Ahead of the pilot kickoff, we'll host a training session on Monday, November 22nd to ensure you're a Bitewell expert!

If you and your clients love Bitewell, you are more than welcome to continue using it (for FREE!) for as long as you'd like.

Questions about the pilot? Click below to chat with a member of our team.

What are the benefits?

To thank you and your clients for participating in this first-of-its-kind pilot, we've put together an awesome welcome package:

1. "Free Forever Club" - As a Bitewell Pilot Practitioner, you'll become a member of our "Free Forever Club", a select group of dietitians and nutritionists who will always have access to Bitewell's tools for free (a $1200 value in year 1 alone!)

2. $15 Meal Credit - When your clients sign up with your link, they'll receive a $15 credit to start using Bitewell for their food purchases!

3. Practitioner Spotlights - We love to celebrate our community. Throughout the pilot, you'll have many opportunities to share your practice with our community of highly engaged food lovers.