How Bitewell Works.

Our team of food & nutrition experts built the brain behind bitewell.
Here's how our AI-driven recommendation algorithm works.

So, what is Bitewell?

Bitewell is the first all-in-one nutrition planning & food delivery tool.
Our platform makes eating smarter by connecting health & nutrition data to deliverable food near you.

Cool! How does that work?

When you download the Bitewell app, you fill out a short onboarding survey to share your diets, allergens & nutritional goals.

Then, our machine-learning-based algorithm connects you to deliverable meals nearby that fit your nutrition profile.

So instead of scrolling restaurant delivery apps by “pizza” or “Thai food”, you can sort meals by your dietary goals and restrictions.

How Our AI-Driven Food Recommendation System Works

Tell Us About Yourself

Fill out a short survey to tell us your food preferences, fitness level & nutrition goals. That information + your location allows us to develop a food profile for you.

We'll Recommend Food Nearby

Based on your responses, our machine learning algorithm recommends meals & products that fit your needs.

Our Dietetic Council & team of food experts have built the Bitewell Recommendation Algorithm grounded in the science of nutrition.

We Get Smarter As You Make Decisions

Every time you interact with the Bitewell app, our recommendations get a little bit smarter. Don't like brussel sprouts? Prefer to order from a few specific restaurants?

Our AI-driven algorithm learns from your behaviors to recommend food you'll love!

Cool. So, what goes into those recommendations?

Our recommendations are based on three main factors:

1. Diet & Lifestyle Filters - are you allergic to dairy? interested in vegetarian options? These filters are the first layer of our recommendation algorithm.

2. Total Calorie Intake - your profile + daily activity are the main inputs to your total daily calorie goal.

3. Macronutrient Breakdown - your macronutrient breakdown (carbohydrates, fats & proteins) are driven by the lifestyle goals you set during onboarding.

And of course, a bit of bitewell's "secret sauce" to ensure that your recommendations are nutritious AND delicious!