Floradix® Iron +

Floradix® Iron +

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Floradix® Iron + Herbs Liquid Herbal Supplement

Easily absorbed.


Calories 10 , Total Carbohydrates 2 Gram, Total Sugars 2 Gram, Added Sugar 2 Gram, Thiamin (As Thiamin Hydrochloride) 2.25 Milligram, Riboflavin (As Riboflavin 5'Phosphate Sodium) 3.6 Milligram, Vitamin B6 (As Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 1.8 Milligram, Vitamin B12 (As Cyanocobalamin) 6.75 Microgram, Iron (As Ferrous Gluconate) 10 Milligram, Blend1 Proprietary Blend Aqueous Extract From Carrot Root, Stinging Nettle Herb, Spinach Leaves, Fennel Seed, Couch Grass Root, Kelp Whole, Hibiscus Flowers, Yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) Extract, Rose Hip (Rosa Canina L.) Fruit Extract, Wheat Germ Extract 6.0 Gram, Daily Value Statement Percent Daily Values Are Based On A 2,000 Calorie Diet. †Daily Value Not Established. , Other Ingredients Pear Juice Concentrate, Water, Grape Juice Concentrate, Black Currant Juice, Honey, Orange Juice Concentrate, Blackberry Juice Concentrate, Cherry Juice Concentrate, Red Beet Juice Concentrate, Ascorbic Acid And Natural Flavor. .

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